Super Easy Sequence Diagrams – PlantUML is a very easy to use sequence diagram maker that is free. It has a extremely intuitive syntax that will allow you to create complex diagrams within minutes.

There’s a online version here :

Take for example :


participant FDC_FPGA

box "FPGA" #LightYellow
 participant FDC_FPGA
end box

box "MPC" #LightBlue
 participant Kernel
 participant User_Space
end box

User_Space -> Kernel : Wait Data Ready ioctl
activate User_Space
activate Kernel
FDC_FPGA -> Kernel : Data Ready Interrupt
Kernel -> User_Space : Data Ready Awake
deactivate Kernel
deactivate User_Space
User_Space -> Kernel : Setup Read Descriptors ioctl
Kernel -> FDC_FPGA : Set Registers
User_Space -> Kernel : Enable DMA Start ioctl
Kernel -> FDC_FPGA : Set Registers
User_Space->Kernel : Wait DMA Done ioctl
activate Kernel
activate User_Space
FDC_FPGA -> Kernel : Dma Done Interrupt
Kernel -> User_Space : Dma Done Awake
deactivate User_Space
deactivate Kernel


This gives a very nice diagram that is ready for presentation :


I use it all over the place for Software Design Documents. The best thing is – it has “source code” , so anytime there’s a change done, all I have to do is to use the “source” to regenerate the diagram. Happiness!



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