iOS Launch Images Madness

I was struggling with the iOS launch images. The easiest way I found was to not use image assets, or the launch image file. Just put these images under Resources in your project in XCode and iOS will find them.

  • Default.png (iPhone)
  • Default@2x.png (iPhone Retina 3.5 inch)
  • Default@3x.png (iPhone 6 Plus landscape)
  • Default-568h@2x.png (iPhone Retina 4 inch) 
  • Default-667h@2x.png (iPhone 6 portrait)
  • Default-736h@3x.png (iPhone 6 Plus portrait)
  • Default-Portrait.png (iPad in portrait orientation)
  • Default-Portrait@2x.png (iPad Retina in portrait orientation)
  • Default-Portrait@3x.png (iPhone 6 Plus portrait)
  • Default-Landscape.png (iPad in landscape orientation)
  • Default-Landscape@2x.png (iPad Retina in landscape orientation)

Oh my god, such a trivial thing.. why did Apple make it so difficult??


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