Quickly Plot in Python with Text File Values

Python has this wonderful command in numpy, np.loadtxt.
In this case, I use np.loadtxt to load a file consisting of several ADC real values to do a quick plot for visualization. The rule is that each row in the text file has to have the same number of elements. In this case it is simply.

and so on...


import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

data = np.loadtxt('/path/to/your/file')

# get x-axis bins
x_axis = np.arange(data.size) * 960 / data.size

#plot time domain

# plot frequency domain
spc = np.fft.fft(data)
plt.plot(x_axis, 20*np.log10(abs(spc)))

That’s all. Pretty quick and nifty!


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