[ERRFMT] using Poco Logger

When using the poco logger to log values like this, many at times the logged value is displayed as [ERRFMT]. The poco logger is saying that it does not recognize the input parameter as the one being specified by the identifier. Poco is extremely finicky regarding this!

For example,

float stddev = 3.53525f
 m_log.debug("Std dev = %f", stddev);


Std dev = [ERRFMT]

The correct formatting to be used for Poco :

bool %b
char %c
int %d, %i
unsigned %u
short %hd
unsigned short %hu
long %ld
unsigned long %lu
long long %Ld
unsigned long long %Lu
unsigned (octal) %o
unsigned (hex) %x, %X
double %f, %e, %E
float %hf, %he, %hE
std::string %s
std::size_t %z

Hence the example above should be :

 m_log.debug("Std dev = %hf", stddev);

Printf in C automatically promotes variables to the appropriate format for print out, which is why you don’t have this hassle when using printf.


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