How to build CUDA programs using CMake

Useful as I’m using CLion sometimes for doing CUDA stuff..

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CMake is a popular option for cross-platform compilation of code. CMake has support for CUDA built in, so it is pretty easy to build CUDA source files using it.

Let us assume that I want to build a CUDA source file named src/ To build this using CMake, we create a file named CMakeLists.txt containing these lines:

To build our program on Linux, we first run cmake to generate a Makefile and use that Makefile to build and run. On Windows, cmake would generate a Visual Studio solution, that can be used to build the code.

Steps to build and run program on Linux:

Any non-trivial CUDA program will need special compilation flags, include directories, library directories and multiple source files. The CMakeLists.txt shown below is an example of how to configure all these features:

Typically nvcc calls both the host compiler and device compiler by itself on both

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