How to add Eclipse (or any program) as Launcher in Gnome 3

For some reason unbeknownst to be, Gnome 3 has made it much harder for one to add Eclipse as a launcher under the Applications menu.
Here’s how you can do it.

1. > yum install alacarte
2. You should now see a program called Main Menu somewhere under your applications.
3. Click on Main Menu and create the launcher in the appropriate location.
4. Now the launcher will be shown in the category you created it in. You can now add it to favourites, etc. In case you missed it, in Gnome 3, you have to add applications to your favourites by first moving your mouse to the top left to show the new menu, then searching for your application and dragging it to the left bar.

Oh, and do you miss the quick launcher on the top left of the screen?
Install this extension ->

Then go to :
Utilities->Tweak Tool->Shell Extensions->Frippery panel favourites


Gnome 3 !! Why??


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